Reset Movement  training  is based on the Original Strength system of training.  


Nadine  has been a Personal Trainer for 13 years completing her studies with certification in  Cert III in Fitness, Group Fitness, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Core Specialization and two Nutrition certifications and the game changer, Original Strength Certified Coach. 

She spent her  first few years practicing  traditional PT  and running a very successful outdoor group fitness classes by her then company All Worked Out.

In 2011, she rebranded her business to Reset Movement, as her own chronic pain journey took her away from this traditional training model as these methods although were great for fitness were not helping, often aggravating injuries - including her own 8 year chronic pain experience. 

This didn't sit right with her. She was doing everything she was taught. Squats and spiky ball were meant to fix her back pain because she had weak and tight glutes. Nope. 

She still believed the statement - the body is meant to heal itself -  but anybody who is STUCK in chronic pain  knows how infuriating this comment is. They will also know the comment is all too quickly followed by sinking feeling of of why me then? Whats next? Is this forever. 

It was time for her to start from scratch. 

Go back to study. 

Keep researching. 

Trial and Error. 

Client Studies. 

Then her dots started to align and her model was made.

She was going to feel better. 

She no longer has chronic pain. 

Pain in a normal human body experience.  Chronic Pain is not.