what will your 1:1 program look like? 

Book a consultation: Every program is unique and designed just for you. The initial assessment gives us a picture of exactly where your body is at, what you want to achieve and how we get there. 

We design your program. We create a specific, detailed program week by week just for you. 

1 hour session - for 4, 8 or 12 weeks - After your consultation, you'll have a solid plan of what we need to do and how long it will take to hit your goals. Typical training plans might look like 15 mins per day resets and every second day, 30 minutes exercise. Easy. 

Everyone that comes to Reset Movement has a different focus, so no two programs are alike. Overall well-being, movement, strength, increased movement & flexibility, fitness, weight loss & pain reduction are all common goals of our clients. 



Here's our promise 

We aim to move everyone successfully through their programme. They will all get weekly programmes, follow-up contact time and re-assessment every session they come back, for the duration of their treatment. 

We want you to succeed and our reputation relies on it. We are committed to helping all our clients move better, release pain and feel strong again. 

We'll arm you with the knowledge and skills so you don't need us to get results after your program is finished. And you won't need to keep coming back.

If you put in the work and do the homework, the results from Reset Movement training is going to blow your mind. 

GET IN TOUCH, We're here to help

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