1:1 Training

individual ​programming

Not everybody is suited to group or online training. This is why we have 1:1 training sessions. In these sessions you are given undivided attention and the programming is highly personalised to your situation.

Your First Session

  1. Pre Screen Phone Call

  2. 1.5 hour appointment
  3. Movement Screen
  4. Lifestyle Screen 
  5. Nutrition Screen
  6. Emotional Health and Stress Screen
  7. First Weeks Program

Your Subsequent Session. 

  1. Feedback 

  2. Exercises Test / Retest 
  3. New Programme for Week Ahead

In Between Sessions

  1. One Phone Call To Touch Base and Update

  2.  Unlimited (within reason) Text Availability To Answer Questions
  3. Personalized Videos of Your Exercises For Queuing