healing protocol


To create safety in YOUR nervous system to allow YOUR body to heal itself. 

When you look at your whole body as a system and use the nervous system as a guide. Things change. Often quickly and regardless of how long its been since you have last moved or have been holding pain. 

We do this by



The game changer here is Original Strength. 

Reset Movement  training  is based on the Original Strength system protocol which is then blended with more traditional based rehab and strength training programming. 

The Original Strength System will reestablish a foundation of movement by reintroducing you to the 5 developmental movement patterns you once engaged in as a child. 

When you perform these resets, while meeting your body where it is at, amazing things happen. 

This is often regardless of how long it has been since you moved or how long you have had pain. 

Pain reduces. 

Compensations start to disappear.

Strength returns. 


Reduce Inflammation and Use Food As Medicine

Your body simply can not heal while your defending against something that the brain perceives as a threat.

A major player in that statement includes food. 

If you continually eat food that is creating inflammation in your body the brain will create pain all around your body skin, bones, joints, muscles, brain you name it, as a response to it.

emotional release

Your Issues Are Stuck In Your Tissues 

Based on the work of Dr. Sarno and Nicole Sachs - Reset Movement will help you gain a better understanding of your chronic pain and how your emotional expression or repression can be the in most cases, the very thing that is stopping you from healing.